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World renown guitarist Faton Macula tells his story

Faton Macula took a chance, moved to America and ended up working with names such as Marc Anthony, Mary J. Blige, Miguel, Missy Elliot, Already launching a number 1 hit in Kosovo (“Telat”), Faton could’ve stayed in his home country and just thrived off of that success, but he decided to step outside of his comfort zone and thrived for it

Faton tells us his story from what got him into playing, and his personal drive to constantly seek new challenges

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Durim Zuta – 18 year old business owner, car collector & entrepreneur

Durim Zuta, 18 year old entrepreneur tells us how he started his luxury car service at only the age of 14! While most high schoolers are focusing their time on video games or trying to figure out life, Durim was running a business and renting out cars to some of your favorite artists (Fetty Wap, A Boogie, French Montana etc.)
Durim tells us how he started the business at such a young age and some of the risks he took to manage its growth. Now 4 years later his business has been thriving more than ever and he’s consistently adding to his list of luxury cars. Tune in to the full episode on YouTube or your favorite podcast episode

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Jonathan Libby CEO of steady state finance, a New way to look at insurance in DeFi

Jonathan Libby is the CEO of steady state finance which will be offering smart contract DeFi insurance. Jon will be launching a revolutionary system which will protect users & protocols with Steady States DeFi insurance. Coming from a finance background Jonathan was skeptical of the Crypto world at first, but after more research started seeing the vast possibilities and eventually saw the different opportunities available in this world. From there, he eventually started putting together an idea for insurance that will actually work in Decentralized Finance. Tune in and find out more about the DeFi world, what steady state finance has to offer and how you can potentially get involved in this new world of finance.

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Jack the Smoker talks origins of hip hop in Italy, collab with Sony, Fifa, & his role in the hip hop culture

We sit down with one of the pioneers of hip hop in Milan Italy, Jack The Smoker. Jack was one of the earliest hip hop artists in Italy back from when Hip Hop was not popular in Italy, and through determination has pushed through hardships to reach a level that is now recognized in the country through a platinum album to being signed to the Machete record label which is one of the biggest independent labels in Europe. From being involved in rap battles earlier in his career and performing in venues with 20-30 people to now collaborating with global brands like Sony and Fifa, Jack the Smoker is a true example of how staying focused and determined on your goal can take you to amazing new heights.

Tune in and find out more about the hip hop scene in Italy, and the great things Machete and Jack have done to inspire even the next generation of artists throughout Italy to push the hip hop genre further forward in Italy.

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Instrumentalist Dan Mulqueen discusses his start with the handpan drum, and how it’s brought him success in music internationally

Dan’s music is centered around an instrument called the “Handpan”, an instrument created in 2001 in Switzerland.

He tells us about how difficult it initially was to even find a handpan in the world, and his early experiences with homemade instruments made in places like Siberia and Italy out of peoples garage. Dan also discusses his career shift and how mastering the hanpan allowed him to eventually pursue music full time.

Determined to push the limits of music revolving around this instrument, Dan’s playing style is both beautifully melodic and intensely percussive. He brings his 18 years of percussion experience to create a stylistic approach that invites the listener to experience elements of multiple genres of music all housed in one easily digestible format, while keeping the handpan as the centerpiece of his compositions.

In addition to multiple solo tours across Australia, Europe and the USA, Mulqueen has also shared the stage with Shpongle for two sold out concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado and collaborated with artists such as Mereba, Long Arm, Zebbler Encanti Experience and many more.

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Musician .Jxck discusses hardships of independent artists, moving to NYC, performing for the NBA and more

We kick this episode off with a performance from talented musician Jxck and end it with a performance from surprise guest Dre Got The Blues! .Jxck discusses his early career and his initial move from Maine to NYC and how his passion for music brought the idea of moving to New York in the first place. Jxck tells us how he med Dre Got The Blues early on in college and from there they kicked things off right away with their collaborative album titled ‘Bluejack’
Together along with a couple of other musicians they created the Sauce Collective and hit the road running by performing on stages around New York. With his newest album ‘Beautiful Day’ .Jxck shows you a soulful feel mixed with his R&B vibes, make sure to tune in to his newest album!

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Prayah talks about signing with Busta Rhymes, early life and future goal to perform at BET awards

In this episode we sit down with talented artist Prayah, who has more recently signed to Busta Rhyme’s Conglomorate label. Prayah is one of the few artist that was signed to a major label without releasing an original song yet. We discuss Prayahs early life, how he ran away from home as a 12 year old and his many struggles throughout life from being shot 5 times, to being in a coma for nearly a month and despite all of this he still reached a high level of success that many would have bet against. Prayah keeps his humble attitude in all aspects of life and is prepared to take over the scene, with a couple of different albums in the works just waiting to be released. One of his major goals is to eventually perform on the BET awards, and at the pace he is going we would not be surprised to see him reach this goal.
His hit single ‘Bad Man Ting’ has accumulated over 20million views across youtube and even more on streaming platforms. Reaching all of these milestones with only a handful of singles out is no easy feat, so we are excited to see the new levels he will reach once his first album is released.

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The Questionable Behavior Podcast Ranks in Top 3% Globally

The top-100 music interview podcast, the Questionable Behavior Podcast (QBPC), is excited to be sharing brand new episodes! Previously featuring notable guests such as pop star Dua Lipa, UFC champion Tyron Woodley and DJ and Producer Funkmaster Flex, it’s no wonder that the show is now ranked in the top 3% of all podcasts globally….

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Kool Kidd Dre – Artist Rapper/Produdcer

DeAndre Jurell Pulliam, professionally known as Kool Kidd Dre, is a singer, rapper, and producer from Mt. Vernon, New York. Kool Kidd Dre was influenced by rappers like JAY-Z, Big Pun, and Eminem while still in elementary school. He was eager to learn about producing because he was impressed by artists like Kanye West and…

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Mimoza – Artist Singer/Songwriter

In this Episode, Edison sits down with talented singer/songwriter of Albanian descent, Mimoza. Mimoza has made a name for herself with her strong vocals and empowering lyrics which are evident in every song. She mentions that all of her songs come from personal experience and from the heart, what starts out as a personal message to herself becomes advice to anyone listening.
Mimoza’s remarkable songwriting is also showcased by Ava Max’s song, ‘Kings & Queens’, which was written by Mimoza and charted #1 on the US billboards for 8 weeks! On top of that she’s written songs for different movies and hopes for to have her music featured on the next Disney ht movie!
Edison also discusses with Mimoza about her latest success, with single ‘Young Queen’, and her idea to portray her Albanian heritage in the video, and surprises her with a couple of facts that most people would not know about her. Tune in and find out what this amazing talent will continue bringing to the table as she continues her goal in reaching the top in the Music industry

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