Celebrity Masseuse Valencia Woods aka Vdot

In this episode we sit down with Celebrity Masseuse Valencia Woods – Vdot. You may remember her from our previous episodes at the Superb Herb Sesh 3 where she made her first appearance. Vdot tells us about her early career and how she made a switch from acting to massage. She also tells us about her progression through this world, and how she went from working at a massaging chain to opening her own business and massaging Fortune 500 company executives. From there she began her journey into massaging many different celebrities such as Jadakiss, Camron, and some of the cast from the show “Power”

Tune in today, and listen to this wonderful episode and listen in to Vdot giving us some dirt on a certain unnamed New Jersey Mayor that wanted a little bit “more” from his massage with Vdot and listen to her wonderful journey throughout this industry.

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Vdot: @VdotIsHot

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