Interview with Musician Smarts Keys in Atlanta

In this episode we sit down with long time friend Smarts aka SmartsKeys music who has most frequently features on previous guests Album, Steelyone. We discuss with Smarts his latest album ‘YKTV’ and the vibes that he’s bringin us with it. Smarts is known for his jovial party music, manipulating his vocals for catchy hooks while also showing you his writing talents with in depth metaphors so it’s no surprise that you’ll be singing along to his newest album as well! We also discuss our time together at Imagine festival, and upcoming projects with Steelyone. We also have a brief guest appearance by Kool Kidd Dre. Make sure to subscribe to our channel and tune in to all podcast platforms for the audio version of our episodes!


 Instagram: @The_QBPC & @SmartsKeys 

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