J Nics at Roots Collective in Miami Florida

In this episode, we sit down with Florida artist J Nics and discuss his 2 latest albums Ridelowmane & Audio Mono. Both albums are completely different from one another, which shows J Nics versatility. On Audio Mono he will be showing you his penmanship with intricate metaphors while as he explains, getting back to the basics of hip hop and Ridelowmane will give you that hype pumped up type of vibe. We also discuss his different creative processes for the different styles of his music as well as his onstage performances. This episode took place at Roots Collective in Miami, Florida, which is an art/fashion gallery as well as a community hub that is helping this and the next generation thrive. Please don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @The_QBPC and J Nics @ridelowmane

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