Musical Artist Breeze Mantana discusses move from NY to ATL, career focus, and goals in music

As proven by his many features on popular publications like Boi-1da, Rap Wave, Sway’s Universe and others, Breeze Mantana’s continued growth in the Hip Hop community is one to look out for. In this interview we discuss his risky move to Atlanta from New York without a proper plan, just on the idea that he wants better and more. Now a few years later, he has not only achieved new things in Atlanta, but has also opened up his own business which has given him the freedom to work even more on his art. Breeze releases a brief clip of an unreleased track on the show, and tells us what is yet to come in his career and the plan for an upcoming EP as well as visuals to go along with it. We discuss how he began writing music, the significant milestones he’s reached in his career that have helped him evolve, and his need for a move away from New York in order to sharpen his senses and focus in even more on his music. Make sure to tune in to this episode and many more as we sit down with some of the most anticipated talents globally.

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