Prayah talks about signing with Busta Rhymes, early life and future goal to perform at BET awards

In this episode we sit down with talented artist Prayah, who has more recently signed to Busta Rhyme’s Conglomorate label. Prayah is one of the few artist that was signed to a major label without releasing an original song yet. We discuss Prayahs early life, how he ran away from home as a 12 year old and his many struggles throughout life from being shot 5 times, to being in a coma for nearly a month and despite all of this he still reached a high level of success that many would have bet against. Prayah keeps his humble attitude in all aspects of life and is prepared to take over the scene, with a couple of different albums in the works just waiting to be released. One of his major goals is to eventually perform on the BET awards, and at the pace he is going we would not be surprised to see him reach this goal. 

His hit single ‘Bad Man Ting’ has accumulated over 20million views across youtube and even more on streaming platforms. Reaching all of these milestones with only a handful of singles out is no easy feat, so we are excited to see the new levels he will reach once his first album is released. 


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