Season 5 Premier!! With Musical artists Mikey Polo, 5iveDaKid & producer PhilGotAnother1

SEASON 5 IS HERE!!! In this episode we sit down with artists Mikey Polo, 5ive Da Kid  and producer Phil Got Another 1 to their new hit single ‘Pink’ and how they originally linked up and started creating together. Phil gives us a breakdown on how he put the beat together while 5ive discusses his distinct high pitched sound on this single which is unlike what you may have heard before. Mikey, who is making his 3rd appearance on the show, tells us about the future projects that this team has in the works, and also we celebrate Mikeys newest milestone on becoming verified on social media!

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Mikey Polo @OfficialMikeyPolo

5iveDaKid @Fivedakid

Phil Got Another 1 @Philgotanother1

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