World renowned hair stylist and makeup artist: Noli Salihi



After a short break due to the world pandemic, we kick off a new season with a long time friend of the show and world known hair stylist and make up artist, Noli Salihi.


Noli, like Edison, came to the Unites States in 1999 due to the war in Kosovo. Before the war Noli placed top 3 in Europe for best hair stylist, and had one of the most popular salons in Eastern Europe. During the war the salon was burned down, and he had to start his career from the beginning in the United States.


Now almost 20 years later, Noli has worked with many A list stars in the United States and has once again started a thriving hair salon, and has also broadened his work with his makeup artistry as well as Line producing for movies/documentaries etc.


We discuss this transition, and other accomplishments in Noli’s career as well as give an inspiring message to the next generation on how you can never give up on your dreams, and cannot wait for others to acknowledge you, that must come from within.


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Show: @The_QBPC

Host Edison: @Your2Cents

Guest Noli: @NoliHairSalon & @NoliSpecialEffects

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